For now there are two sizes of KURSK heads, 1 gram and 2 grams
in five colors - the 3 grams head will be available later this year.

1)   black
2)   hot orange + glitter
3)   chartreu
+ glitter
4)   red
+ glitter

The HEAD SET blister pack
contains 5 heads and 5 tubes.

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Markku Autio manufactures hundreds of different lure models.

One of his excellent balance jigs as well as different types of lures and jig heads
has often proved to be better than other perch baits in the home lake as well in fishing
Atlantic salmon, northern pike, Arctic char and grayling in Lapland, and sea trout
in the southern part of Argentina and rainbow trout in the volcanic lake
of Patagonia (Lago Strobel-Jurassic Lake).

E-mail to Markku Autio

MARKKU AUTIO  +358 50 5692707

MA KURSK -tube  Ø 3 mm, length 40 mm

Tail  black bucktail, fine - not shaggy, the length of the tube

Antennae  black, 3-4 stripped rachis of a cock hacle

Tail end hackle  black hen/cock

Flash  black, 3-4 crystal hair

Ribbing  medium oval silver tinsel

Body  black dubbing, antron, Ice-dubbing or similar

Body hackle  black hen/cock

Front hackle  black, hen/cock

Complete your dressing with a short collar.

MA Kursk head  chartreu, -note- push it to end

You can tie the KURSK either with the head on or adjust

the front end of the tube after tying. When you tie the fly
without the head in place, leave 5 mm (exactly) space for it.

Pierce the tube through the top hole of the head for the line.

Do not use glue.

Fly design  Markku Autio - Antti Pirinen

Tie an exceptional salmon fly With MA-KURSK Head Set.
All heads in are interchangeable: change color or weight as you

please  e.g. red to green or 1 gram to 2 grams. Do not use glue.
To avoid getting stuck in the bottom, set a single hook upwards.
When casting KURSK flies
always use underhand cast.

MA KURSK has many faces

TAKE A KURSK head & tube and add your imagination.